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Does reflexology hurt?

There may be areas of discomfort or tenderness, however this should be within your comfort level and I will adjust pressure to ensure that it is. Typically tenderness signifies blockages in the body area being worked on. Reflexology should help remove the blockage and bring the body back into balance.

What should I wear?

Preferably loose, comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict or dig into you. You will need to be able to pull trousers up to your knees.

Do I need to take off my clothes?

No, you only need to remove shoes and socks or tights.

My feet get ticklish - Will I still be able to have Reflexology?

In my experience clients who come for treatments with ticklish feet rarely find the sessions to be ticklish. I use firm pressure and this tends to alleviate having any tickly sensations.

What information am I required to provide in the initial consultation?

I will ask for contact details, a short medical history, your current health and lifestyle. Please bring a list of any medication you may be taking. You will also be asked to sign a consent form. All this information helps me to build a holistic picture of you and allows me to develop the best treatment plan to meet your needs. Any information collected will be kept in strictest confidence and in line with the Data Protection legislation.

How many sessions will I need and how often?

It is impossible to say as every person is different and will react differently to reflexology. If a condition has been developing for a long period of time and could be described as chronic, it will need more sessions than someone with a short term issue. Generally most people will experience enhanced feelings of relaxation and release of tension after their first treatment and tend to notice a difference in health issues after 4-6 treatments. Weekly sessions are recommended to start off with, these will then move to monthly sessions for general maintenance.

Can a reflexologist diagnose conditions?

No, a professional and properly trained reflexologist will not diagnose medical conditions as they are not qualified to do so. Reflexology will highlight areas of your body that may be out of balance, however, if you need a diagnosis you should visit your GP.

Can I have reflexology if I am pregnant?

Of course as long as your therapist is fully trained in Pregnancy/Maternity Reflexology. Some therapists will only treat as from the second trimester. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to have during pregnancy and can help with pregnancy symptoms. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss further.

How can I pay for the session?

Card and cash payments accepted.

How should I cancel my appointment?

Please contact Fit4Life Medical Centre by telephone on +350 20040563 to cancel appointments. 

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